Sunday, November 20, 2011

Simple, Hexane-free Baby Formula . . .

I recently had to switch from breast feeding to formula because of some health problems I'm having which require me to take a high dose of steroids (Prednisone). Much to my dismay I'm battling with my guilt but what else can I do? Naturally, breast feeding is the simplest choice, but having that taken away, I searched tirelessly for the simplest formula. At first I went with Earth's Best, which, in retrospect seemed simple, organic and great, until I read about the Hexane process used to extract LifesDHA. Did you know they use bleach?!

So, after doing some reading I learned that Baby's Only is the only baby formula that actually gets their DHA from eggs. Eggs! Exciting, isn't it? They have a video on their website ( and some good info you can read for yourself. One other thing that sold me was the fact that they were the first organic baby formula brand on the market.

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